about us

By walking in our customer shoes, we deliver highly effective solutions and better experiences.

At DXLabs, we aren’t afraid to challenge the ‘norm’ of digital transformation services.

We believe in working alongside you as your partner to get a deeper understanding of your business problem or challenge.

We are committed to delivering fast and competitive solutions that work with your existing systems to enable better experiences and greater business outcomes.

our story

In today’s digital-first climate, technology remains a barrier between traditional industries and great customer experience. It became clear to us here at DXLabs that this predicament was borne out of the complexity of dealing with legacy systems or processes. We also recognise the need for up and coming businesses who require support in driving digital-first practices and processes.

Driven by this knowledge, our founder Luis Nejo sought to create a company that could offer businesses a different lens and approach towards digital transformation, without the hefty price tags or lengthy processes. This marked the birth of DXLabs in 2018 and a clear mission in sight: to challenge and change the technology status quo.

We are over a year into our operations and have since secured key partnerships that have allowed us to make an impact in the IT services world.

Bigger and better things are in the works, so watch this space.

how we partner with you

We are a company that puts ourselves in our customers shoes to come up with practical solutions that work. We don’t believe in taking any shortcuts to sell you off-the-shelf solutions. When we work with you, we are an extension of your business. We make the effort to get to know your business inside-out to create a solution that fits your needs and resources in a timely manner.

Your success matters to us. Every member of our team is invested in our customers success, driving us to be accountable for the solutions we develop. We value transparency and relationships, which is why we treat all our customers as partners and take pride in empowering businesses with the right tools, processes and information. Whether it’s a full-service or one-off solution you’re after, we’re confident in our ability to deliver them and set you up for success.

When you decide to put your trust in DXLabs, we will embark on a journey together.

Starting the journey

Stage 1: Discovery

  • Rapid immersion and deep dive to understand key drivers for initiating change.
  • Engage stakeholders across the business to view the situation from their point of view.
  • Piece together information and how it all fits in the bigger picture, determine priorities which will deliver outcomes and meet the business objectives.

Stage 2: POC

  • Build a Proof of Concept to quickly demonstrate how a solution could work and the benefits.

Stage 3: Recommendation and proposal

  • Recommend a solution, always taking the most pragmatic approach. A solution may include:
  • Strategic consultation – helping shape the vision, model, priorities and plan
  • Solution delivery – lead the agile technical delivery
  • Products – software or bespoke development
  • Together with you, decide the business or operating model, which will reflect the level of involvement we have in a project. Some of the solutions we provide are designed to be self-sufficient so may only require us to complete training and then ‘’hand over the keys”, whilst more complex projects may require completely customised development with ongoing support services.
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