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A modern, no-code approach to workflow and rules automation for organisations looking for an edge in a digital-native world.

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Decisions Overview
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Decisions Overview


No-code enterprise automation

All of the security, flexibility and sophistication expected of an enterprise-grade automation platform, without a single line of code, in a fraction of the time and with the autonomy you’ve always wanted.  

Rules Engine

Rules engine, redefined

Experience rules automation as it should be. Whether it’s simple statement rules or complex, multi-layered, dynamic, large-scale rule libraries, Decisions does it all. With zero code.


Workflow automation

From simple approvals and tasks management through to comprehensive enterprise-scale business applications, dynamic data-driven processes and more. Your processes, human-readable and ready to evolve at any time.


Native portal experience

Present and manage work with incredibly versatile dashboards, functionally-rich forms and actionable reports that drive smart experiences.

Inteligent API

Build intelligent APIs

Complement your microservice architecture with powerful rule-driven workflows in Decisions, exposed as secure APIs with a single click.

Modular Components

Modular, reusable components

Build it once, use it everywhere. Experience true speed and scale with no-code building blocks that deliver real speed and preserve your proven design patterns.


Endless integration

Turbo-charge workflows and rules with industry-leading API integration, intelligently drawing data from any API and a wide range of database technologies without any code. 


Enterprise scalability

Decisions can scale both vertically applying more hardware and horizontally, running in clusters behind a load balancer.

Gartner Report

Download Gartner market guide for Business Process Automation Tools.

Gartner's latest research report covers the expanding capabilities of BPA tools such as low-code application development, process mining, document management and process analytics and the increased urgency and investment in automating and monitoring end-to-end business processes.

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Book a demo with our business analysts or technical architects to discuss how Decisions might help your business.

Problems we can help solve…

Process Design

My team is working harder than they should be and I can’t keep throwing people at the problem

As specialists in service and process design, we can help you reflect on your operating practices and assess if and how a platform like Decisions can help you simplify, if not automate, your business processes.

Intelligent Automation

We’ve outgrown Excel!

Decisions is a fantastic alternative to Excel. Capturing data intelligently, processing calculations and executing new downstream processes if needed, with greater control over data and absolute confidence in the process.

Human Readable

We just can’t seem to innovate fast enough with all our logic buried in code

Code can be confining at times. We can explain (and show you) what the benefits are of moving your business logic onto a no-code platform like Decisions, making your processes human-readable and ready to innovate at the drop of a hat.

Flexible Integration

It’s time for us to revise our architecture – we know what we have will not support our future plans

We love a good whiteboard session and understand the architecture patterns that support function and scale. Our passion for architecture combined with our expertise as the ANZ lead integrator for Decisions can help you understand how a modern enterprise automation platform can help you design the right future-state.

Automation at Scale

Our army of RPA bots just seem to be automating our inefficiencies

RPA is great for automating desktop activities, but real, sustainable scale and innovation comes from a deeper level of automation provided by process and decision automation solutions like Decisions. We can help you understand what this means for your organisation and plan for a better tomorrow.

Flexible Solution

Off-the-shelf solutions seem restrictive and will not give us any real competitive edge

We truly believe this. If your organisation recognises technology offers a key point of differentiation, we can help you understand how a no-code solution offers a good alternative to traditionally coded solutions, giving you the flexibility to shape solutions around your needs (not the other way around) without the complexity and expense of working in code.

How we work with you

Explore the problem, to build the right things, then build things right.

We tailor our work to your needs

We tailor our work to your needs.

We'll work with you to understand architecturally if and how low/no code business rule and automation solutions like Decisions can work for you.

We put the customer at the heart. We work with you.

We build proof of concepts.

We work on quick and suscinct proof of concepts so that you get immediate visibility whether Decisions is the right fit for your organisation.

We are agile and hands on

We are agile, lean and hands on.

We are pragmatic, innovative and can support your businesses to create a sustainable plan to deliver solutions early and continuously.

We can help build your capacity

We help build your capability too.

Expert assistance and advice from a highly collaborative team to educate and train your staff to be skilled and self-sufficient.

We are customer focussed and

Personal Finance

Re-engineering the loan application process

Digital Experience Labs helped Money3, an ASX-listed specialist non-bank credit provider, streamline their multi-channel application and assessment process, driving performance and setting a technical foundation that allows the business to grow.

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A flexible and scalable rules engine for dynamic pricing

With over 300,000 customers and 1000's of brokers, Fidelity Life, three-time New Zealand life insurance company of the year, needed an intelligent rules engine to support fast, dynamic pricing that would give them control and the flexibility to scale.

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No-code or Low-code - What’s the difference & what's right for you?

In the current climate, coders are kings, but this trend is changing. Code creates a conundrum for businesses and no-code / low-code platforms have emerged as the strong alternative.

To code or not to code, that is the question.

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Life Insurance

Fidelity Life

“Digital Experience Labs has been a close and valued partner on Fidelity Life’s transformation journey since the very early days. Their ability to solve massively complex problems with cutting edge technology has been an invaluable part of getting us to a successful delivery. They’ve taken the time to understand our business in detail and, coupled with their technology expertise, this makes them a formidable force.”

Dan Wilkinson, CTO


Solution Underwriting

"We have worked with the Digital Experience Labs team for almost a year building a lot of new functionality in Decisions that improves both the ways we work internally as well as our brokers’ experience when dealing with us. Digital Experience Labs have continued to work closely with us, providing hands-on development when needed, training for our internal developers as well as ongoing strategic support. We work together in a way that is flexible and meets our needs. I couldn’t ask for more."

Sarah Scoble - Finance and Operations Manager

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Digital ID


"From vision to concept to reality is how I would best describe the engagement with Digital Experience Labs. Their ability to build an idea using strong architectural foundations is why we believe we have the right partner for the future of our company"

Nagib Kassis - Founder


"iptiQ has been working in partnership with Digital Experience Labs over the past 18 months on the design and implementation of our market leading end-to-end digital insurance platform. A number of the Digital Experience Labs team members are currently deployed with us, bolstering our tech development capabilities. Access to the strategic thinking, skills and experience of the Digital Experience Labs team has been foundational to our progress so far and we look forward to its continuation."

John Simpson - Vice President iptiQ ANZ L&H

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