Decisions is an accessible, graphical, no-code development tool that empowers business users to design purpose-built solutions. The dynamic platform allows for multi-function collaboration across teams and seamless integration without the intimidating industry code-speak.

Easy to understand and use, Decisions has in the past decade helped a myriad of businesses across the globe increase efficiencies, maximise bottom-lines and create best-in-class customer and internal experiences. is a no-code business automation platform focusing on process automation as well as data handling and business rule execution


the only seamlessly integrated, full service enabled
no-code rules and workflow automation platform

DXLabs is Decisions’ lead ANZ partner, which means we’re their ‘on-the-ground’ team here in Australia. We work closely together to transform businesses. As the only certified Decisions Professional Developers in Asia Pacific, our experts will do the heavy lifting for you, guide you where necessary and ensure that you maximise the power of Decisions, by supporting with solution design and development where needed.


This way of working allows you to be self-sufficient so the level of involvement from DXLabs is really driven by your specific business needs. Often, we will work on first build and then support with training staff so you can manage future builds or changes in-house if desired.

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How Decisions benefits you

Workflow automation

Decisions automates workflow processes – equating to reduced handling time, greater efficiency, cost savings, reduction in errors, better user and customer experiences.

Integrated graphical designers

Development in Decisions is done using graphical tools that allow for the creation of workflows, active forms, system integrations, dashboards and reports without writing code – this means apps are built in a fraction of the time of other methods and are easier to evolve as the business requirements change. There is less reliance on skilled developers, it’s easier to manage IP, a faster learning curve for new staff and expedited speed to market.

Business rule engine

Business rules can be configured in a number of different formats including: tables, statements, trees and matrixes – rules that would typically sit in a purpose built solution can be built in Decisions, so businesses that were previously reliant on multiple systems can house multiple types of rule sets in one single environment.


System integration and Data processing, managing integration and interactions between systems and events – Decisions can act as an orchestration layer between multiple systems, allowing for seamless user experiences and simplification of otherwise multi-step complex processes. More importantly providing a 360-degree view of the customer and using that view to produce next best actions, reporting and analysis.

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