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We are proudly ANZ lead partners of Decisions – recognised innovators and thought-leaders of the workflow and rules automation industry.

Together, Decisions and Digital Experience Labs help organisations, of all sizes and industries, shape and deliver lean, memorable experiences for their customers, employees and partners.

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Founded and headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia in 2010 – Decisions is a leading provider of Digital Decisioning technologies.

Decisions was founded with a vision to change the way organisations solve business processes challenges, but doing this in a way that makes the authoring of this logic accessible and understandable to non-programming staff. Today the Decisions platform is trusted by hundreds of companies all over the world, ranging from small to mid-size companies to several of the Fortune 500.

The Decisions Platform enables you to create business process automation solutions for your client's needs. Re-sell the Decisions Software to your clients to create much more value for them and for you through automated workflow.

Key Features

The Decisions Platform for Rules

Rules are used by applications to evaluate data, enforce policy, and trigger actions. The Decisions rules engine allows the same business user who knows and owns business logic to be able to automate, maintain, test, and deploy rules created in an intuitive visual design environment.

The Decisions Platform provides multiple rule styles, all sharing the same graphical design environment.

The Decisions Platform for Workflows

The Decisions platform leverages the integrated rule engine enabling highly flexible and adaptable business process management applications. These applications can interact with users via browsers, mobile devices, email, telephone, and other channels.

Decisions enables business users to understand and adjust their business logic without IT intervention.

An Interctive User Portal…or BYO

Decisions comes with its own pure HTML end user portal, designed to allow users to interact with data and processes via feature-rich dashboards, reports and forms. Alternatively, all configured user functionality can be embedded in other portals/intranets/web experiences, understanding that  your users might already be working in a different application and want to continue doing so, with Decisions intelligently driving processes and rules under the covers.

Decisions tasks queues, forms, dashboards, and reports can all be hosted in external applications. Decisions flows and rule can also be easily accessed through either a REST or SOAP API call – allowing other applcations to access a centralised set of process functionality.

Highly Functional User Interfaces

Using simple, drop and drag form designer tools that can consume or curate data from or for any running process, Decisions’ intuitive form, dashboard and report designers allow business users to create interactive, responsive forms typically reserved for the coders amongst us.

Workflow and Task Management

The Decisions platform provides native integration capabilities in its typical no-code design environment that allows users organisations to establish intelligent data and process orchestration across the IT ecosystem. Organise workflows, set tasks, create intervention steps, and ensure process optimisation across your organisation, regardless of what other applications your rely on or where your data is stored.

Intelligent, Interactive Case Management

Decisions offers an impressive set of rapid-delivery case design tools that, when coupled with Decisions’ powerful integration, workflow and rules authoring capabilities, can enrich any case management experience, not only ensuring process adherence, but that your team is always working on the right case at the right time and with the right information in front of them, driving efficiency and satisfaction at every turn. 

The Decisions Platform enables you to create business process automation solutions for your client's needs.

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The capabilities of Decisions is harnessed by many companies large and small, from an assortment of industries.

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