Thursday 31st August at 6pm

No-code, unleashing enterprise innovation.

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Exclusive complimentary dinner event

Join us for an evening of knowledge, networking, and fine-dining at the award-winning Aria restaurant. Together we’ll explore how no-code advancements are transforming the future of the enterprise landscape.


Thursday 31st August
at 6pm


1 Macquarie St,
Sydney, NSW, 2000


Learn from a panel of global speakers how no-code platforms are redefining the technology terrain and challenging the traditional coding paradigm.


Join us for a captivating evening to explore the evolving world of no-code and how it is reshaping the way organisations shape and deliver technology.

Streamlined Value Delivery
Streamlined Value Delivery

Understand how no-code platforms introduce innovative frameworks to focus on value delivery, easing traditional coding complexities.

Talent and Complexity Management

Discover how you can circumvent talent shortages, manage code complexity and foster innovation.

Power of

Explore how to rapidly prototype and implement business processes without a single line of code.

Maturity of No-Code Platforms for Enterprises

Platforms have matured to meet enterprise demands and deliver robust, scalable solutions.

Identifying No-Code Opportunities

Integrating no-code into your tech strategy: Finding balance between old and new approaches.

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Real-world Insights

Benefit from firsthand experiences of the transformative impact of
no-code platforms shared by our esteemed speakers.

Networking Opportunities

Engage with CIOs, CTOs, and Solution Architects from mid to enterprise businesses across Australia.

Discover New Solutions

Uncover how no-code can help your organisation drive innovation, manage talent shortages, and contain code complexity.


Aria is one of Australia’s finest restaurants and has received many awards over the years. Aria brings together the best seasonal produce and a world-class wine list in a stunning, art-filled space with sweeping Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge views.


1 Macquarie St
Sydney, NSW, 2000