our story

Building trust through transparency, flexibility and collaborative partnership.

In today’s digital-first climate, technology remains a barrier between traditional industries and great customer experience. It became clear to us here at DXLabs that this predicament is often borne out of the complexity of dealing with legacy systems or processes. We also recognise the needs of rapidly evolving businesses who require support in driving digital-first practices and processes, organisations for whom the traditional ‘transformation’ model simply does not offer the immediacy and flexibility needed to remain relevant.

Driven by this knowledge, our founder Luis Nejo sought to build a team that could offer businesses a different lens and approach towards digital transformation – a fresh alternative to the cumbersome, expensive and slow approach offered by other digital transformation ‘specialists’. This marked the birth of DXLabs in 2018 and a clear mission in sight: to challenge and change the digital status quo.

We are over a year into our journey and have established a strong reputation for thought-leadership, pragmatism and innovation. We’ve since started to make an impact in the digital services world with bigger and better things in the works. So watch this space.