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At Digital Experience Labs, we help experience-centric organisations innovate process to increase loyalty, efficiency and compliance.

rules management

Rules are the heart of all businesses. They are what determine which opportunities are pursued or left behind. Rules determine how things are priced, who is allowed to approve or deny, or even who is hired. The flow of information, materials, projects, and money are all based on rules.

The Decisions rule engine paired with our capabilities will help you organise, automate, and optimise your business rules. At the operational level, this means smooth processes by reducing errors and re-work. Moreover, you’ll see streamlined and speedy internal processes, less manual entry, and better request handling.

case & workflow automation

Nobody likes doing the repetitive, replicable and routine tasks. Here at Digital Experience Labs, we helps you lift process efficiency, engagement and compliance. How do we help? By intelligently automating the manual, error-prone tasks, we reduce cost, improve employee satisfaction and customer engagement.

We specialise in the design, automation and orchestration of critical business processes. By leveraging powerful tools, we manage and mitigate operational risk, heighten productivity and promote engagement at every opportunity.

systems and data consolidation

Managing technology sprawl and legacy system integration is difficult at the best of times. Moreover, it can hurt data integrity, user experience, and impact operational costs.

Leveraging the powerful, no-code data management and system integration capabilities of Decisions, we can help you homogenise your technology and data ecosystem. We bring reliable insights and actions to the table by orchestrating multi-platform transactions and cleansing data.

experience orchestration

The forefront of every customer-centric organisation’s strategy today is to deliver memorable customer and user experiences. 

Whether it’s data-driven online experiences, straight through processing of sales, claims, collections, or real-time 360-degree view of customers for contact centre agents, we’ve got it covered. Digital Experience Labs can swiftly tailor scalable, extendable solutions that bring you closer to your goals. Increased customer engagement or financial goals become a lot more achievable.

full stack .net development

We have expertise in the design and development of enterprise .Net applications. Together with enterprise solution design, development, and integration, we have you covered from the ground-up.

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