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Digital Experience Labs is a cutting-edge digital automation and software development company specialising in leveraging the latest technologies to boost the growth of emerging and enterprise companies. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their productivity goals by building integrated and automated solutions.

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Our team

Team leaders

Our team of experts, including analysts, architects, and engineers, have the skills and experience to get under the hood of your business and rapidly develop solutions that streamline complex processes and automate key operations.

We are passionate about using technology to make a difference in our clients’ businesses and drive their success.

Luis Nejo

Luis Nejo

Founder / CEO

Luis, CEO and founder of DXLabs, is a seasoned technology leader with 20 years of experience in innovation and strategy across industries. Luis excels at identifying hidden problems and building skilled teams to deliver innovative solutions.

Fiona Vella

Fiona Vella

Head of Growth

With a focus on growth, sales, and business development across Asia and Australia. Fiona is skilled in developing high-performing teams, stakeholder engagement, and effective communication.

Divij Mehra

Divij Mehra

Head of Product & Solution Delivery

Divij has expertise in driving successful product development and delivery. Skilled in leading cross-functional teams and delivering solutions that meet business objectives.

Christopher Potter

Chris Potter

Head of Strategic Design

Chris has worked at the forefront of UX, Strategic Design and innovation for over 20 years. Skilled in leading UX teams and delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet business goals.

Our Values

How we work at Digital Experience Labs

We celebrate diversity, welcome ingenuity and reward kindness. Ours is a team of highly intelligent and driven individuals that care deeply about making a difference. These are our values, its what we’re made of, the foundations used to build every partnership we form and every solution we provide.


We look for the most sensible, straightforward and simple approach or solution.

Deliver results

Don’t do it, unless it makes a difference.


We believe in communicating openly and respectfully to help each other grow.


We always act with honesty, fairness and sincerity.


We like to work quickly, dynamically and we’re super flexible.

Have fun

We enjoy what we do and bring our happy to work.​

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We are always looking for talented problem solvers and creative thinkers who are comfortable in challenging the status quo and working in the grey to deliver the most impactful outcomes.

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