Date: June 9, 2023

Digital Experience Labs Partners with WeWeb to Revolutionise Web App Development in ANZ.

Digital Experience Labs has provided digital automation solutions and transformation services to industry leaders throughout ANZ since 2018. Today they announced a partnership with WeWeb, the innovative and rapidly growing no-code web application builder, empowering organisations to develop and deploy enterprise-grade applications with a fraction of the time and investment typically required. 

No-code is transforming the way that businesses build and deploy apps, through improved agility, cost savings, and reduction in resource and tech debt, to name a few. Harvard Business Review explains, “Low-code/no-code applications can provide a close fit to business requirements, can be implemented quickly, and typically cost much less than systems developed in-house.” 

Driving increased innovation, no-code is just getting started. According to Gartner, by 2025 70% of new applications built by organisations will use low code or no code technology platforms.

The transition from traditional web development is speeding up delivery and is crucial for the expansion and growth of many organisations. Digital Experience Labs CEO and Founder, Luis Nejo, explained:

WeWeb isn’t just another no-code platform. It’s a pioneering no-code web application development platform geared towards robust, highly functional, and secure web applications, rather than simple websites, exemplifying just how far no-code platforms have come. In aligning with WeWeb, Digital Experience Labs brings the future of no-code web application development to ANZ. This partnership is not an iteration on old technology, it completely changes the capability model and economics of web app development. It represents a significant turning point for any organisation who builds and maintains their own web applications, especially for the enterprise.”

WeWeb accelerates the product development process, saving on production costs to create web applications of any kind – customer portals, SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms, or internal applications. WeWeb’s bring-your-own-back-end and self-hosting product strategy is a key reason it is rapidly growing in popularity amongst enterprise clients as it not only represents a material change to the volume and seniority of skills needed to develop solutions and delivers them much faster, but it naturally conforms to the more complex security and scalability requirements of the enterprise.

Digital Experience Labs specialises in identifying and using the best no-code technologies to help organisations of all sizes support rapid growth and inspire innovation, and with their new and exclusive APAC partnership with WeWeb, they’ll help these businesses deliver high-grade solutions in a matter of weeks instead of months.

Raphael Goldsztejn, Co-Founder and CEO of WeWeb explained “The partnership with Digital Experience Labs is important to us. We want to revolutionise app development in ANZ and we need the right local team to achieve this. Digital Experience Labs brings significant experience and specialised expertise in no-code technologies and will provide exemplary support and guidance for our clients. This is why we’ve chosen to work with them as our preferred partner in the region.

About WeWeb

WeWeb combines an easy-to-use platform with partner priority support to help reduce project build times and ultimately boost innovation. It offers:

  • Accelerated web application development through a no-code designer experience;
  • Visual design freedom to create unique, pixel-perfect responsive designs;
  • A bring-your-own-back-end approach, allowing organisations to connect their apps to virtually any back-end service layer or database;
  • Self-hosting options, to support organisations who want to run their apps on their own infrastructure;
  • Advanced logic with no-code workflows, actions and formulas 

About Digital Experience Labs

As advocates for change and innovation, Digital Experience Labs support forward-thinking organisations with digital transformation, process and decision automation, and digital product development. Pragmatists at heart, they take the time to understand an organisation’s strategic goals, architecture and internal capabilities, ensuring that they deliver the right solution to the right problem.

If you would like to learn more about WeWeb or Digital Experience Labs, please contact:

Fiona Vella

Fiona Vella
Head of Growth, Digital Experience Labs 

P: 1300 395 227