How we work

How we work with you

Digital Experience Labs helps companies own their digital future through careful yet innovative design and the coordinated collaboration of agile, cross-functional teams.

We are grounded in insight, empowered by technology, and armed with a drive for action.

We work with you to turn complexity into simplicity for your customers and your employees by using digital transformation avenues

We adapt our approach to your needs

We work with you to discover and define the problems or opportunities and build an evidenced-based approach to transform your business.

  • Discovery

    We spend time with you to build a deeper understanding of both customer and business needs, wants and expectations, business drivers and capabilities.

  • Define

    We build a solution roadmap designed around the business and organisational context, incorporating both short-term, value-adding initiatives and longer-term solutions that deliver more robust and profound transformation.

  • Develop

    We design the solutions, identifying the products and methods that will meet both business and customer needs and expectations.

  • Deliver

    Applying Lean and Agile delivery principles, we will manage the iterative delivery of the target solution, perform regular user testing and architecture reviews to ensure we maintain alignment with design objectives.

  • 1 We approach each project by understanding the customer first
  • 2 We imagine many different ways to create a great experience
  • 3 We test the ideas early and remove the ones that are not feasible
  • 4 We define a solution that your customers will love
  • 5 We help plan the next steps forward
We put the customer at the heart. We work with you.

We put the customer at the heart

Using human centred design principles, we'll spend time with you and your customers to build a deeper understanding of needs, wants and expectations to turn complexity into simplicity for your customers and your employees.

We are agile, lean and hands on

We are agile, lean and hands on as we work with you to get real results

We believe in agile, collaborative teams.

Our goal is to support your businesses to be pragmatic, flexible, create a sustainable plan to deliver early and continuously.

We help quickly identify the pragmatic solutions and work agile to giving you flexibility to control outcomes and deliverables as the project matures.

Our goal is to give your teams ownership each step of the way.

We offer expert assistance and advice from a highly collaborative team to educate and train your staff to be skilled and proficient in tools and processes.

Whether you need product or project management, analysis and design, architecture, development or all of the above, we can be there to empower your teams with the right support to deliver on your goals.

We don't just supply good skills, we supply people who care with the right level of technical and people leadership that ensures collaboration, productivity and accountability are always at their peak.

We work with you to build your capability

We help build your capability

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