What we do

What we do

Whether you need help shaping your transformation journey or need a technology partner to deliver on your goals, Digital Experience Labs can help.

Digital Transformation Specialists

Build great customer experiences

Our strategic design team can help you understand your customers, uncover pain points, identify insights and reimagine your customers experience.


Optimise and automate your business rules

Our team of analysts, architects and engineers can get under the hood of your business and rapidly develop solutions that streamline complex processes and automate what matters.

Empower your teams with the right support

Our team can help you define and implement your digital strategy, ensuring your people have the right tools to feel empowered and informed at all times.

Our technology partners

Decisions is a modern, no-code approach to workflow and rules automation for organisations looking for an edge in a digital-native world.

Build great experiences for your customers:

A great customer experience drives acquisition and retention.


Our strategic design team can help you understand your customers, uncover pain points, identify insights and areas of opportunity to reimagine your customers experience.

As digital transformation specialists, we can help you focus on what matters and deliver meaningful customer experiences.

Digital Transformation Specialists - Experience Journey

Experience & service design

We can help you map your operations, customers and employee journeys to create smarter, more consistent experiences that are aligned with your business and experience objectives, to drive innovation in an ever-changing market.

Experience orchestration

We love designing and building innovative, data and rule-driven online experiences that guide customers through digital journeys that deliver on personalisation, conversion and productivity goals.

Customer engagement

The communication needs of the modern consumer have changed. We understand the true definition of omni-channel engagement and have the know-how and technology to help you drive stronger interactions.

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Optimise and automate your business processes:

We can help build integrated and automated operations to achieve your productivity goals.

Digital Transformation Specialists - Automation

Say goodbye to cumbersome, inefficient, expensive and unreliable processes and replace them with intelligent rule and data-driven processes that empower your people and your customers and have everyone working on the right thing at the right time.

We are digital transformation specialists and are experts at rapidly breaking down complex business processes and identifying opportunities to introduce tangible benefits…fast. We use the right tools to develop intuitive solutions that reduce cost, friction and dramatically increase both customer and employee engagement.

Specialist optimisation and automation services


Process & workflow automation

We are specialists in the rapid development of process automation solutions. We can support you in selecting the right technology to help digitise data capture and use other internal and external data sources to dynamically manage workflow and automate decisioning.

We design, build and test using low/no-code workflow and rule engines such as Decisions, resulting in solutions that are built in a fraction of the time and are easy to evolve as business requirements change.

Business Rules Engine

Intelligent rules engine

Rules are at the heart of every operation and are often undocumented, poorly understood and buried in code.

Our business automation experts can help you uncover your business rules and identify how to manage these in a more transparent and sophisticated yet simple way that enables your business to grow without fear of losing critical intellectual property or not adhering to important policies and rules.

We have expertise in specialist, enterprise-grade, no-code rules engines that enable your team to see, understand and manage your business rules autonomously, giving you full control over your valuable intellectual property.

Service Orchestration

Service orchestration

Leveraging rich data sources to enrich workflows is a key part of architecting dynamic, data-driven processes.

Whether it's data lakes or warehouses, 3rd party APIs or your own message queues and microservices, we use modern tools that enable you to rapidly and visually build intelligent, orchestrated processes that consume data from virtually any source and manage the translation of that data whilst maintaining visibility over data integrity and process and service health at all times.

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Empower your teams with the right support:

We can support your team or be your team


Whether you need product or project management, analysis and design, architecture, development or all of the above, we can be there to empower your teams with the right support to deliver on your goals.

We don't just supply good skills, we supply people who care with the right level of technical and people leadership that ensures collaboration, productivity and accountability are always at their peak.

Digital Transformation Specialists - Team support

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